PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — A transportation analysis company has sued the group behind Sunshine Village, the biggest development project that may never exist in the city, over payment for a traffic study.

This is the second lawsuit filed this month related to the seemingly failed development bid by Scott Mann and company Pflugerville Crossing, LP to create Sunshine Village, a mixed-use destination on 120 acres of prime land set against tollway SH 130 and Hawaiian Falls Water and Adventure Park. The developer has said Sunshine Village would result in more than $1 billion in revenue for the city over 30 years.

According to the latest lawsuit filed Tuesday, Texas-based Alliance Transportation Group is seeking attorney’s fees and $64,357 in payment for a traffic engineering study it conducted for Pflugerville Crossing and Mann.

In seeking payment, Alliance Transportation previously filed a lien against the developer’s property-the acreage at the intersection of Pflugerville Parkway and FM 685-before discovering the developer never owned the property. Alliance Transportation said Mann’s group falsely represented themselves as owners of the land, according to the suit.

“We are stuck in a situation where we’ve got this whole matter now in litigation. Quite honestly we are hopeful litigation be solved in short order so the project can go forward,” Mann, the defendant, told KXAN by phone Wednesday. “That would certainly include full payment on services rendered by Alliance.”

Alliance Transportation’s lawsuit names Pflugerville Crossing, LP, Pflugerville Crossing, GP, and Scott Mann as defendants.

An attorney for Alliance Transportation declined to comment for the story.

Mann said he is still hopeful his company will ultimately develop the land, but a City of Pflugerville spokesperson said the so-called 380 agreement that Mann stuck with the city no longer exists. The 380 agreement would have given the developers substantial sales and property tax breaks totaling up to $300 million in return for building the project, among other things.

“We are aware that [Mann] is still very interested in pursuing doing a project like Project Sunshine, but right now the agreement with the city is terminated,” Pflugerville spokesperson Terri Toledo said. “It is not going to come back, necessarily.”

City officials terminated the once-huge agreement quietly March 22. Pflugerville City Council placed the agreement termination on the consent agenda, bypassing open discussion. City officials previously called the agreement one of the biggest in Pflugerville history.

Mann called it “peculiar” that the city put the termination item on consent agenda.

Toledo said Mann and his development group did not meet key components in the agreement, leading to the agreement termination. The city initially sent a letter to Mann in September of 2015 expressing concern that the terms of the agreement were not being met and the project could not be completed in a timely manner. In a January letter to Mann, the city said the project was cancelled, according to city documents.

Mann said a third party called Green Island Investments, out of Hackensack, New Jersey, intervened in his agreement with the city, caused the city to terminate its original contract and threw the development into limbo.

Toledo confirmed Green Island Investments has communicated interest to the city in developing the tract.

In a separate lawsuit filed March 3 in Travis County District Court, Mann and his development group sued Green Island Investments, along with the trustee of the Pflugerville landowners, for interference with Mann’s agreement with the city.

According to Mann’s lawsuit, Green Island Investments initially represented that they wanted to work with Mann but then tried to cut him out of the deal.

Mann told KXAN the development and payments are basically in a holding pattern until these legal issues are settled.

“We are sitting in the middle of one of the greatest opportunities that has existed in history in terms of Austin growth,” Mann said. “It is our goal to be a part of that.”