BURNET, Texas (KXAN) – It’s been over a year since the The Bluebonnet Belle, a historic WWII-era aircraft, crashed at Burnet Municipal Airport. All of the 10 passengers on board escaped, but many were burned or injured,

Now, one of the survivors, Juan Jimenez, has filed a lawsuit alleging the pilot of the plane was not qualified to fly the DC-3 aircraft, and Commemorative Air Force allowed him to pilot anyways.

Michael Slack, one of Jimenez’s lawyers, said it was uncovered during depositions that neither pilots had flown together, and the pilot who was flying was briefed he was going to fly right before take-off.

“Jimenez, and the other passengers, had no knowledge that an inexperienced and unqualified pilot was flying, or that the two pilots were completely unfamiliar with each other,” Slack said.

The lawsuit also alleges CAF has a history of allowing pilots who are not equipped to operate aircraft to do so.