LAKE TRAVIS, Texas (KXAN) — The mom of a Lake Travis Independent School District football player is now speaking out after she said her son suffered a peanut allergy attack.

Shawna Mannon gave a public comment during a Lake Travis ISD board meeting on Wednesday, saying her son told “a couple of teammates in his football team” that his allergy to peanuts could kill him if he were to touch them or would kill him if they were put in his cleats or uniform.

“These two boys then drove over to the high school locker room that evening and did exactly that. They filled his cleats with peanuts and in his locker and in his uniform in the varsity locker room,” Mannon said.

She said when her son opened the locker to get his uniform, the peanuts started falling and he set everything down in shock and left. Her son then noticed hives on his arms.

Earlier this month, the district sent parents a letter explaining the incident and said students were addressed but did not specify how due to privacy laws.

Lake Travis ISD board members said they could not provide a comment at this time.