KYLE, TX (KXAN) — More than a dozen hot air balloons will light up the night sky this weekend in Central Texas for the very first Kyle Pie in the Sky hot air balloon festival.

The festival will have live music, games for the kids and a tent dedicated only to pie. “At a relatively low price people can sample all kinds of pies. It’s not just dessert pie, its Frito pie, pot pie and pizza pie,” said City of Kyle Communications Specialist Kim Hilsenbeck.

She says the city of Kyle is working to become known as the pie capital of Texas. This festival is the first serious effort of theirs to lock down that name.

“There will be 16 or 17 hot air balloons in this field; they will be against the lake and lighting up the night sky. We think it will be pretty spectacular,” said Hilsenbeck.

The light-hearted event comes when so many in Texas have a heavy heart for our friends near the coast. “I think everyone has a personal story of how Hurricane Harvey has impacted them or their family,” said Hilsenbeck.

Sponsors providing lighting and other equipment for the event hit a few bumps while preparing as much of their equipment was sent to aid in Houston. However, they say that’s not stopping them.

“We’re pulling that equipment from here and anywhere we can get it to help out,” said Chris Myles with Texas First Rentals. “With everything else going on we were just very excited that they were able to pull this off.”

Hilsenbeck says with more and more evacuees making their way to central Texas, this is the best time to provide a little entertainment. And for those who have evacuated, she says your ticket is free.

“Perhaps they could come here for a few hours and just enjoy the night,” said Hilsenbeck. “If we can lift some spirits and brighten some nights and bring some kiddos out here and give them something to smile about, we would be all for that.”

Click here to learn more about the festival and buy tickets for the event.