KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — We all know police are here to help the public, but in Kyle, a few officers are being praised for going above and beyond. It all comes as the department is mourning the death of one of their own.  

For some, help comes in the most unexpected way and that’s exactly what happened for one family in Kyle after a stroke of bad luck.  

“Everything literally, pretty much came all at once,” said JD who was helped by Kyle police officers.  

The family of six with four kids all under the age of 10 were left living in their car. 

“They had very little supplies to no supplies and basically they were living day to day,” said Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett.  

If that wasn’t bad enough there was one more dark cloud overhead. “Unfortunately, that vehicle was under a repossession by a local car dealership,” said Barnett.  

But the moment the car dealership learned about their situation, the family’s luck started to change, they let them keep the car, for now, some employees at Car Topia even bought them clothes and shoes. The car dealership then contacted the mayor, who contacted the police department and soon discovered that a friend would let them stay in an RV.  

“That camper was in no way in livable conditions at the moment. For example, it did not have an air conditioner, it has many electrical problems, it doesn’t have a stove or a refrigerator and the family had no bedding supplies, they had nothing to really allow them to move into this camper yet,” said Barnett.  

That’s where the police come in, instead of moving on, they got their own money together and bought an air conditioner and installed it that night.  

“Many times officers out of their personal pockets will come across families in need and get them shoes clothes, you name it, our officers do that on a regular basis,” said Barnett. “This time we just so happened to have a family that is going to have more long-term needs.” 

“It’s just a lot to take in,” said JD wiping tears from her face. The officers’ actions left her and her family speechless.  

“I always hear bad things about the police, but it’s not true, they help in so many ways,” said Blanca, JD’s girlfriend.  

Since then, the department has helped gather clothes, bedding, and dishes all in the same week they themselves are hurting.  

“They are still struggling with the loss of their co-worker and their friend, yet they still find it in their hearts to reach out and help someone in a time of need and go well above and beyond the call of duty,” said Barnett. “I’m real proud of my officers.” 

The police department is collecting items the family needs to get on their feet. Barnett says they need household items like a microwave, small/medium refrigerator, kitchen supplies (not pots and pans), cleaning supplies, clothes and dishwashing supplies. The children’s clothes in need range from size 8 to 10 for both girls and boys as well as junior size X-Large.  

All donations can be dropped off at the Kyle Police Department.