Kilauea volcano explosion a sight in Hawaii


HAWAII (KHON) — Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has been crowded at all hours. KHON2 has new explosive video from Kilauea.

“The explosion today caused the lava lake to slosh enough that a bit of lava did slosh out of the vent and onto the vent rim,” said Janet Babb

A powerful explosion was caused by rocks falling into the lava lake.

“The lava lake has existed since the vent opened in 2008, it hasn’t always been visible as it is now. because it was deep within the vent,” added Babb.

This video shows what it looked like only two months ago when you could see the glow from the lake. As impressive as this looks, you couldn’t actually see the lava itself.

That all changed last week Wednesday.

“And since then the lake has risen about 25 meters,” said Babb. “Well it is possible if the inflation continues it is possible that the lava lake could spill out of the vent. If the lava spills out of the vent it’ll be on the floor of Halemaumau Crater. Halemaumau Crater is about 280 feet deep so the lava would be on the floor of that crater so it’ll be confined in that crater and not pose any threat to anyone on the Caldera Rim.”

The Caldera Rim, at the very top of the crater is where the public viewing areas are located. The lake is really just a small part of the entire crater.

If you want to see this Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is open 24-7.

One note of caution, if you’re planning to check it out, you may have to park as far as a mile away from the best viewing spot at Jagger Museum.

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