AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin loves tacos so much that City Councilmember Delia Garza is declaring July 1 as “Taco Revolución Day” in Austin at a book signing and beer release party today with tacos from around Texas.

The book, “The Tacos of Texas” by Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece, is a result of the authors’ taco investigation across Texas. The book is a collection of traditions, recipes and stories of Texas’ various tacos.

Councilmember Garza will present this proclamation from the city at the event:

WHEREAS, From Austin to El Paso, from Texline to Brownsville, from the Rio Grande to the Red River, Texans consume a lot of tacos; and

WHEREAS, Texans happily indulge in spirited debate and taste testing related to whether flour or corn tortillas reign supreme and which region makes the best breakfast tacos, and

WHEREAS, One thing Texans agree on is that tacos go great with beer, and the collaboration between The Tacos of Texas and Independence Brewing Company brings all Austinites and Texans together; and

WHEREAS, The Tacos of Texas and Independence Brewing team are taking tacos to a whole new level with Revolución Saison Ale.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Austin City Council recognizes Mando Rayo and Jared Neece for their work on the book The Tacos of Texas and its muy sabroso taco tour; and also recognizes their great collaboration with Independence Brewery to bring Austinites out today to enjoy festivities, food, and fun; and proclaims July 1, 2017 as Taco Revolución Day in Austin, Texas.

Independence Brewing Co. joined in the taco craze by partnering with the authors of the book to create a beer specifically to pair with Texas tacos, which they call Revolucion Saison Ale. The beer also will be introduced at the book signing.

The launch party will feature live music, beer and taco vendors from across Texas. The free event is from 2-10 p.m at Independence Brewing Co.