JARRELL, Texas (KXAN) — As voters head to the polls in Jarrell, elected officials on social media are also sharing their thoughts on the races they’re considering.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel posted on his social media pages about Place 4 incumbent Rusty Bryson. In his latest post, he said Bryson introduced a measure that would increase taxes by 14%.

This is the only contested city council race on Jarrell’s ballot this November. There are elections for Place 3 and Place 5 on the council, with both candidates running unopposed.

City of Jarrell Mayor Patrick Sherek said the posts are inaccurate.

He said the city is not responsible for setting property tax rates as those are set by the county. He did say that the city is looking to restructure how it spends some of those funds.

Sherek said right now, the city spends most of its property taxes making debt payments for water and wastewater infrastructure. He said the goal of the study is to figure how to pay those debts with utility rates – not property taxes.

He said once this is figured out, the city would use the available property taxes to pay for four additional staff members, holiday festivals, and additional park space.

Sherek said Gravell’s comments are unfair to voters who could be swayed by his opinion.

“Most of the negative comments that we’ve seen are from people who do not live in the city limits. In my opinion, my job is to worry about the people that live here and not the opinions of people that don’t,” Sherek said.

KXAN.com reached out to Gravell’s office about this, he did not want to offer any additional statements.