AUSTIN (KXAN) — A group of women dressed in hospital gowns made unscheduled visits to several Texas lawmakers at the Capitol on Friday. The group identified themselves as “Janes” to represent pregnant “Jane Doe” minors. The demonstration was in response to House Bill 3994, which would add increased restrictions to the judicial bypass process.

“It makes them uncomfortable, but they have no problems passing laws that really affect these people,” said one “Jane” about their visits into the offices of many representatives who support the bill.

In Texas, a minor must have the consent of at least one parent in order to get an abortion. However, they can have the abortion without parental consent through the judicial bypass process where a judge determines if the abortion is appropriate.

The Janes said many times the minor could be putting themselves at risk by seeking parental consent for the abortion.

“Some of these situations are very bad,” said one woman in the group — who all withheld their names to represent the Jane Does. They carried signs with the hashtag #HereForJaneTX and stating reasons such as “incest” and “poverty” to present situations where minors may have trouble receiving parental consent.

HB 3994 would increase the burden of proof for minors trying to show a judge judicial bypass is necessary. The bill sponser, Representative Geanie Morrison, R-Victoria, said the bill would help give information and support to the minor and their baby.