AUSTIN (KXAN) — The victim of a shooting at an east Austin park spoke out about the terrifying moment shots were fired with a playground full of children.

It happened last Sunday at Chicano Park.

The victim wishes to remain anonymous, but said he is one of three people who were injured in that shooting.

“It’s hard for me to walk on it. I’ll go to sleep crying. I wake up crying,” he said.

He said the bullet went through both his pelvis and colon.

a scar on the stomach of one of the victims of the Chicano Park shooting
The shooting left the victim with a scar along his stomach. (Photo: KXAN)

“They had to do surgery to get all the pieces out,” he said.

Austin Police said that evening, they were called to the intersection of Nash Hernandez Sr. Road and Chicon Street, located next to Chicano Park.

“People go out there and go have fun with the family,” the victim said.

He said the incident started after two vehicles, both with rims that were sticking out several inches, collided. The victim said the driver of one of the vehicles got out and began shooting.

According to court documents, callers told 911 at least 50 shots were fired. The victim said it all happened with a playground full of children, including his own.

“The only thing that went through my mind was to get the kids,” he said.

One of the other gunshot victims told police he went to his vehicle, grabbed his gun and fired one shot at the suspect, Pedro Luis Carbajal.

But according to the affidavit, while officers were taking him into custody Carbajal said, “They shot at me first.”

The victim KXAN spoke with said that is not true. “Nobody shot at you. You shot at us,” he said.

Carbajal was arrested for a series of charges, including five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful carrying of weapons.

The victim said while it will take about six months before he can walk on his own, he doesn’t know when he and his family will go back to the park.

“They are pretty traumatized. I’m not ready to go back,” he said.

The victim said he wants to see more APD officers in the area to hopefully prevent another shooting. KXAN reached out to the department to see if there would be increased patrols. We have not heard back yet.