ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) – Tuesday night, Elgin ISD insisted it was telling the truth about recent fights and threats.

This is after parents of Elgin High School students said they saw a video of a fight at school and heard a knife was used.

Elgin ISD and Elgin Police said there was no weapon. In a letter, the district also explained that reports of a gun at school Monday and Tuesday were not true.

Elgin Police said in a statement Wednesday officers went to the high school after reports of a person making threats to pull the fire alarm followed by a “shooting event.” Officers were already at the high school when the fire alarm was pulled, the statement said. All kids were evacuated and the fire department cleared the building.

Elgin PD said they are now investigating this incident as a terroristic threat, and the investigation was ongoing Wednesday.

‘Don’t feel comfortable sending her to school’

Several parents are still concerned about school safety given these recent incidents. One of those parents is Leiandra Yenes.

“I don’t feel comfortable sending her to school,” Yenes said.

She said on Monday her daughter, a sophomore at the high school, texted her that the fire alarms went off and that there was a fight at school where somebody was stabbed.

Then, again on Tuesday there was another situation.

“My mother actually was going home from an appointment, Yenes said. “She’s like, ‘Hey, what’s going on at the school? There are sirens going that way. The kids are all outside again.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’

Yenes received an email from the district that another fire alarm went off because of a malfunction with the system.

But she said she also heard reports on social media of students saying there was a gun on campus.

In an email sent to parents Tuesday, Elgin ISD said both district officials and law enforcement looked through hallway surveillance footage and phone recordings submitted by students and saw no weapon throughout any of these incidents.

The district said the student in the fight was injured “by their own actions.”

Still, Yenes said that’s hard to believe given the extent of the student’s injuries.

“There was blood. She showed me the photos. Like I’ve seen the video circulating on social media,” Yenes said.

The district said out of an abundance of caution, there will be increased police presence at the high school.

Yenes said along with that, she would also like more communication from the district as these incidents happen so both she and her daughter can feel safe.

“I want my child to go to school and not have to worry that if she hears a loud noise, or she hears something in this classroom, to freak out,” Yenes said.

The district said students involved in the altercation will be held accountable per their student code of conduct. They said any criminal offenses will be reported to law enforcement.

Regarding the fire alarm malfunctions, the district said its working to repair or replace the panel and sensors.