CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (KXAN) — When the arctic front came through last weekend, even turtles along the Texas coast felt the chill.

Over the weekend, more than 200 green sea turtles washed up along the coast. Workers with the Padre Island National Seashore say about one third of the turtles were found in the coastal bend near Corpus Christi.

The cold water causes the turtles to become paralyzed. Biologists with large nets spent their time scooping up the shocked turtles and moving them to shelter at the Sea Turtle Science and Recovery Center. Once they were inside, the turtles were kept warm with towels.

“Turtles are helpless when they’re on the shoreline,” said Dr. Donna Shaver with the Sea Turtle Science and Recovery Center. “If they’re not found quickly and brought into rehab they will die due to predation from coyotes or birds or exposure to the elements.”

More turtles are expected to wash ashore in the next few days until the shallow waters warm up.