AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Supreme Court ruled Friday in favor of same-sex marriage, which will allow same-sex couples to marry in all 50 states. But how will the court’s decision impact employee benefits in Central Texas?

KXAN contacted several major employers and corporations in the Austin area. We asked how the Supreme Court’s decision would impact their employees’ benefits, if at all.

For tax purposes, newly married employees must complete new W-4 forms for IRS records.

UT Austin President Greg Fenves:

Whole Foods Market:

“We are proud to say we’ve offered domestic and same-sex partner benefits for many years and were one of the first Texas companies to do so, said a Whole Foods Market spokesperson. “We will readily assist any team members with questions about how the Supreme Court ruling may affect their tax documents.”


“We applaud the Supreme Court and everyone who worked so hard in the years leading up to today’s historic decision. This is a momentous step forward for equality and fundamental human rights in the United States. We could not be happier for our employees, customers and people all over America who now have the right to marry the one they love,” Apple said in a prepared statement.

Keller Williams:

“We have been offering domestic partner benefits to our employees for many years and we are thrilled that the Supreme Court decision has been made in support of what we are offering to our employees,” Leslie Gheynst, said Director of Human Resources with Keller Williams. “At Keller Williams, we build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living. Having a life worth living is a perfect example of the  support we have for our employees and the culture of Keller Williams.”


“Samsung already recognizes same sex marriage certificates from other jurisdictions and handles the benefits accordingly…We treat a same-sex married couple from another jurisdiction the same as any other marriage,” said Catherine Morse, spokesperson for Samsung Austin Semiconductor. “This ruling…won’t change anything because we already have this process in place.”

A spokesperson for St. David’s Healthcare said it would be too soon to comment on how the decision would impact benefits, since the decision came down today.

KXAN also reached out to Dell, H-E-B supermarkets, Accenture, Seton Healthcare and others. We will post their responses to the court’s decision, as it pertains to employee benefits, when they become available.