HOUSTON (CW39) If you believe damage from the winter storm may impact your home, you should call your insurance agent immediately. That’s what the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott advises for Texas.

Severe weather can be expected to impact millions of Texans over the coming days. The main storm that has already caused severe damage in Texas, is now beginning to move out of state of Texas.

However, snow and sleet in Northeast Texas will continue to exist but also gradually move out leaving behind more damage – and mounting insurance claims.

With not letting up, after that, another round of precipitation will be coming across the state over the next 24 hours.

Most of that precipitation will be in the southern part of the state mostly around I-10 and South may be reaching as far north as the Austin area I’m probably not going much further north than the Austin area. 

Extremely cold temperatures will remain across much of the state for the next few days.

Most of the state will be below freezing Thursday morning along I-10 and north if I-10 and will remain freezing through Thursday night, with ultra-cold temps Thursday night.

Many areas across the state will start getting above freezing on Saturday, but that’s days away.


That is why the governor is strongly urging Texans to contact your insurance agent in advance.


Homeowners are strongly urged to act quickly as possible – if you haven’t already done so – begin to work with a plumber. Get plumbers lined up and work with your insurance company in advance. If you’re a homeowner, you should have homeowners insurance that would address this. Talk to your agent immediately.


If you are a renter, most renters are required to have renter’s insurance. Talk to your rental insurance agent, as well as your landlord immediately, about what to do and how to address this.


If you live in a location that is not covered by Insurance, you may have the possibility of getting assistance from FEMA. 

A few days ago, the governor requested a federal disaster declaration and that was granted. One thing that comes along that is FEMA assistance. Part of that payment assistance goes to what’s called Public Assistance. That works on the rebuilding of large Municipal and governmental based facilities.