AUSTIN (KXAN) — The last thing you want this holiday season is to give a child a gift and have it cause harm to them. Seton family Dr. Ajay Zachariah spoke about how to keep kids safe even during the season of giving.

He says in his experience the most common injuries with kids relating to toys during the holidays are bumps, bruises and cuts to the face and head. He says small toys put children at risk of choking. Toys that are powered with batteries can also be dangerous because children can swallow them. Dr. Zachariah says beside the risk of choking on batteries, swallowing batteries can also cause burns in the child’s intestines.

The doctor provides the following tips to help parents to protect their children:

  • Read the instructions on all toys
  • Shop for age-appropriate toys
  • Buy safety gear
  • Tighten screw covers on battery compartments
  • Supervise your kids as they play