How to cope if your hormones begin to drop before menopause

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The clock is ticking, but for many women it starts winding down, sooner than you think.

“Well, hormones start to drop in women 10 years prior to stopping the period, so I would say early 40’s you want to be on some type of support,” said Dr. Lisa Koche of Spectra Wellness.

Koche explains the first culprit to rear its head is adrenal fatigue, something you want to address with your doctor before menopause hits.

“What happens at menopause is that your ovaries are done, and your adrenal has to pick up the slack, so for women if they’ve been really stressed out and had no support, and then all of a sudden they get the additional stress of menopause, they really can crash symptomatically,” said Koche.

Koche is able to help many patients early on deal with stress and lack of energy without turning to prescription drugs.

“We have a lot of homeopathic remedies for stress. Homeopathy doesn’t interact with any meds, it won’t affect you at work, there is no hangover. We have one for intense anxiety, that you just spritzs it in your mouth,” she said.

Koche also treats patients with compounded drugs and pellets, but believe the sooner you start addressing the issue with healthy eating and exercise, the easier it will be to cope when it’s your time.

Dr. Koche says your doctor should be doing a complete blood work up – and treating you individually from other patients -because everyone has different needs.

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