HUTTO, Texas (KXAN) — Lisa Taylor’s Hutto home flooded knee deep on Memorial Day. The water rushed through their home, in the back door and out the front, and was forceful enough to tear apart the fence in their yard.

“Awful. It was awful,” said Taylor. “Nothing that we could have ever expected.”

A week later, Taylor heard from her homeowners association. Her family was slapped with a warning notice telling them some debris left behind was in violation.


  • Rules and regulations are part of the package when you live under a homeowner’s association, so experts say the best way to protect yourself is get involved.
  • Most HOA meetings are poorly attended, leaving only a few people to make decisions.
  • Experts also recommend you learn before you buy.Read your HOA documents thoroughly before you put down a deposit on a house or condo.

The city provided neighbors with a dumpster to put debris in, but it is overflowing. So Taylor started stacking debris and other ruined items in her front yard.

“There’s no place else to put it,” Taylor said of the drywall, carpet and flooring ripped from their home.

On Thursday, Taylor got a notice from “PS Property Management” saying the piles need to go.

The property management company said they send an inspector twice a month to the neighborhood on behalf of the HOA. A manager there says they did not know the area had flooded.

“I mean, when they came, you have to notice there’s a big commercial-size dumpster right there at the cul-de-sac,” said Taylor. “So, that’s got to kind of give you an idea that something’s not quite right.”

Taylor said she had not heard from her HOA or the property management since receiving the notice, but after KXAN visited her home and contacted the management, PS Property Management called her to see how they could help.