AUSTIN (KXAN) — Volunteers with the Sierra Club, along with local Boy Scout troops and Keep Austin Beautiful were out in force Saturday morning taking down holiday decorations lining highway 360.

As a tradition trees lining the sides of the highway have been decorated to mark the beginning of the holidays in December. What once began as a small celebration then grew, with more than 50 trees being decorated this year.

However not all of the volunteers were in favor of the tradition, citing wastefulness and a negative impact on the environment.

“There have to be other great traditions that we can do. We can give to the poor, or we can decorate Christmas trees in poor peoples’ homes, you know, decorate a tree in your yard where you can maintain it and take it down quickly after the holidays,” said Laura Williams of the Sierra Club. “Just to have this going all the way down 360 and now spreading out into the other streets here in Austin it’s not good for the wildlife, it’s not good for the looky-loos looking at the trees, and somebody has to come and pick it up.

All decorations collected during the cleanup will be taken to be donated, according to Keep Austin Beautiful.