HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN)— Voters in Hays county approved $75 million worth of projects to create new parks, trails and open spaces.

The proposition received 71,502 (69.5%) votes for it and 31,314 (30.5%) votes against it.

Proposition A includes 16 projects that were submitted to and reviewed by the Hays County Parks and Open Spaces Commission, Hays County said on the bond’s website. A total of 19 projects were submitted to the commission but it recommended not pursuing three of the projects.

The projects look at water quality protection and flood mitigation, urban parks development, conservation and open space, and connectivity development such as hiking and biking trails.

If passed, the proposition allows Hays county to distribute $75 million worth of bonds to fund the selected projects. Sentinel Peak and Cape’s Pond are included in the bond.

In order for a project to receive the bond money, it must be ensure that the funds are being used in the public interest, the project will have public access and the county is able to receive enough funds for the project.

While the funds for this proposition won’t come out of property tax, it would most likely come from matched funds or contributions from third-parties.