WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) — The first day of school is just around the corner for students. Teachers are gathering lesson plans, parents are buying school supplies and law enforcement officers are preparing for speeders.

In Wimberley, the Hays County constable for Precinct 3 says speeding and other traffic concerns have been a problem for years. Constable Ray Helm says his department has taken on the task of trying to eliminate some of that headache.

“We have to put one officer at Scudder [Primary School] and one at Jacob’s Well [Elementary],” said Helm. “If you only had one guy out there, the town would get backed up.”

Helm was made aware of the problem two and a half years ago. He says his wife was picking up their kids from school when she called him and asked him to come see the traffic.

“The traffic was really bad and people were going head-on with each other coming into the opposite lane of traffic and I was like, ‘you got to be kidding me!’” said Helm.

That’s when the constable decided his deputies needed to take on another role for the small town.

“I knew the day we started directing that, that was going to be our issue,” said Helm.

His department makes sure traffic keeps moving before and after school. However, this school year the constable is also pushing to add two more radar guns to the fleet and help put a stop to the speeders.

“You’re holding up a beam about the size of a quarter for 100 yards so you’re able to actually tag each car coming in and figure out which one is speeding,” said Helm.

Hays County commissioners will be voting to approve the purchase of the new radar guns at Tuesday’s commissioner’s court meeting.

Commissioners will also look to schedule a public hearing to reduce the current school zone speed limits near Sawyer Ranch Road in Dripping Springs.