AUSTIN (KXAN) — A chill runs down your spine as you whip your head around to see that no one is there. Your heart pounds in your ears as your face becomes flushed with the titillating excitement of a scare just around the corner.

If you want to spend this spooky holiday immersed in the strange and abnormal consider checking out these haunted places in Austin.

  • Feel a thrill at the Driskill Hotel: Three loud and deliberate knocks can be heard outside the door, but when you look the hallway is empty. The historic hotel is an Austin staple with many reporting run-ins with guests who never checked out. Purchased in 1884 for $7,500 The Driskill Hotel has a lavish history with former President Lyndon B. Johnson having had his first date with Lady Bird Johnson at the hotel in 1934. Built by Jesse Driskill the hotel is reportedly still haunted by the founder to this day and was voted as one of the most haunted hotels in America. 
  • The Omni Downtown: An old legend claims a man named Jack jumped to his death inside the hotel from a balcony several stories high. Employees have reported hearing him at night in the room he stayed in before committing suicide.
  • Austin State School Farm ColonyEnter at your own risk. This abandoned facility for mentally disabled young boys once housed 1,800 people. Many of the boys never left the campus with a grave yard outside the structure with nearly 3,000 headstones for young men who lost their lives and were never claimed by family or friends. A lawsuit was filed in the 60’s claiming the school had poor living conditions violating the residents’ constitutional rights. Most of the buildings have been taken over by charter schools, but there are structures on the 436 acres that are still sitting empty.
  • St. Edward’s University: This south Austin college has numerous reports of students who are still lingering on campus. At the Mary Moody Theater a male student reportedly hanged himself. Another student who died in the Premont Hall after slipping in the shower wasn’t found for a week. He is known to slam windows and turn on faucets in the middle of the night. Another ghostly shower presence is a nun in Doyle Hall known to turn on the water while students are sleeping.
  • Paranormal activity spotted at Oakwood Cemetery: Numerous cameras have captured what can only be described as images of the paranormal at this cemetery with over 23,000 people buried there.
  • “>Abandoned Coxville Zoo:
    An Austinite named Alvin Cox was tired of running a gas station on North Lamar. With the help of his pet monkey, Cox started collecting exotic creatures. He eventually opened his own zoo, which was forced to close in 1969. Now the structure sits empty with only the left over cages remaining formerly the home to some wild creatures.