AUSTIN (KXAN) — A storm chaser managed to track down more than just Tropical Storm Harvey this weekend. He also found — and reunited — a lost dog with its family.

“I stopped for gas and this guy was following me down the road and when I stopped he jumped into the Jeep,” Aaron Jayjack said in a video he posted to Twitter asking for help to find the pup’s home.

Jack was traveling back to Austin from Victoria, Texas, when he found the dog near Runge, Texas. He was actually trying to return home to take care of his own dogs.

“I really need help trying to find this guy’s owner. We’ll call him Harvey,” Jayjack continued in the video.

Jayjack kept updating his search on Twitter, saying he tried having “Harvey” scanned for a chip, but he didn’t have one.

After the post went viral, Jayjack found the owners and returned their dog, whose real name is Cash, to his home. As a great coincidence, it happened on National Dog Day, too.