AUSTIN (KXAN) — A terry cloth glove is the reason behind this latest H-E-B recall. Officials say the glove is used for handling hot pans but that it could have broken up in the dough, resulting in a potential choking hazard.

That’s why H-E-B officials are issuing a voluntary recall for H-E-B brand hamburger and hot dog buns and Hill Country Fare hot dog buns — “due to the possible presence of foreign material that might impact the quality of the product.”

Still, no incidents have been reported. Meanwhile, the buns on the shelf as of Friday are not included in this recall.

The voluntary recall impacts the following products:Description                                    UPC                          Best Before Date                     Tie ColorHamburger Buns

H-E-B 4.5 %100 Wheat             4122083056                        7/2/15-7/4/15                     Org/Grn/Blue

H-E-B TX Plain                          4122074226                        7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/Blue

H-E-B TX Seeded                      4122021761                        7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/Blue

H-E-B 4.5 Plain                          4122023498                        7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/Blue

H-E-B 4.5 Seeded                      412210127                          7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/Blue

H-E-B 4.5 Whole Wheat             4122019164                        7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/BlueHotdog Buns

H-E-B Wheat Coney                   4122019165                        7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/Blue

HCF Coney (8 ct)                        4122060201                        7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/Blue

HCF Coney (16 ct)                      4122041461                        7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/Blue

H-E-B Coney (8 ct)                      4122083910                        7/3/15-7/4/15                        Green/Blue

Customers who bought the affected buns can return them to the store for a full refund. Customers with any questions or concerns can call H-E-B Customer Service at 1-855-432-4438.