GRANITE SHOALS, Texas (KXAN) Too much trash is laying in yards all around Central Texas, and all that garbage is lowering the property values of houses being built in Granite Shoals.

Driving around the neighborhood — in the town of around 5,000 people — you can spot junk sitting in several yards.

This includes trash, debris, old storage buildings, beat-up boats and junked cars.

Several complaints from the community prompted the Granite Shoals Police Department to address this issue through its code enforcement division — which monitors environmental crime in the area.

Granite Shoals police captain Chris Decker has concerns about the trash draining into waterways.

“Everything that is out on the street, in the yard or otherwise will flow into Lake LBJ and ultimately the Edwards Aquifer,” he said.

Chris Cowan is an environmental crimes officer for the Granite Shoals Police Department.

He says someone could be arrested with a Class A Misdemeanor for leaving lead acid batteries in their yard.

According to Cowan, these car engines leak oils and gases into the ground.

“Things like that are basically killing our aquifer… killing our lake system, and it all goes downstream,” he said.

With an all-out enforcement effort, the Granite Shoals Police Department has been able to successfully clear up several properties over time.

This operation is being done to avoid a potential environmental catastrophe that could be caused by heavy rains pushing all this garbage into the city’s waterways.