AUSTIN (KXAN) —  There are just 40 days left in this legislative session and many of Gov. Greg Abbott’s emergency items are still unresolved. One of the governor’s priorities, pumping nearly $1,500 more per student into pre-kindergarten programs for schools who raise their standards, is stalling.

Parents across the state heard promises this year of more money and higher standards for educating children. Even Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo touted the importance of pre-K.

“Because in Texas we always talk about being smart and being leaders,” he said while talking about how education cuts down crime.

Abbott’s pre-K plan passed the House last month, but the Senate has yet to even touch it with just a few weeks left until a deadline that would kill the bill.

“We’re now getting to the part where the arguments start,” said Ross Ramsey from the Texas Tribune.

Ramsey says a lot of plans are currently caught in the power struggle between the House and the Senate. Bills letting concealed handgun license holders take their guns into college classrooms passed the Senate last month but the House has failed to move on it. Both chambers often hold bills hostage in the overall deal-making and lawmaking process.

“Usually a governor’s priorities get passed. At one point Greg Abbott will weigh in and go, ‘no, really,’ and we will see how the legislature reacts,” said Ramsey.

With time ticking down until June, many steps remain for several bills. None of Abbott’s emergency items have become law yet.

  • Higher education research has funding in both House and Senate budgets.
  • As for transportation, the Senate passed a bill allocating billions of dollars for roads. It is now waiting for a vote in the House.
  • Both chambers have passed their own version of border security, but there are big differences and they have not decided which plan will go forward.
  • The last, an ethics reform package, waits for votes.