AUSTIN (KXAN) –  Gov. Greg Abbott delivered Friday a keynote address at the Texas Department of Public Safety graduation ceremony, where 60 new troopers were honored for completing their 29-week training programs. 

In Abbott’s address, he talked about tasks they will perform and exalted the new troopers for being “tougher” than ever. He also spoke about the need for flexibility, referencing the recent partnership between the Austin Police Department and DPS to address APD’s staffing shortages. 

 “We made an agreement between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the City of Austin to get crime under control in the state’s Capital City. The fact is there were too many murders, too much violent crime taking place. And it required us, as a state, to tap into your mission to ensure public safety. Even if it comes from the Texas Department of Public Safety, as opposed to local law enforcement. But there are times like this when we must work together,” Abbott said at the ceremony. 

And since the partnership between the two public safety groups began, stabbings and shootings in Austin have decreased, per APD. 

Of the 60 new troopers, 26 are military veterans, 10 are women, 19 have prior law enforcement experience and 25 speak another language. The new troopers will report to their duty stations on May 28.