AUSTIN (KXAN) — Joseph Moreno works from home, and has been looking forward to his apartment complex getting wired for Google Fiber.

“I’ve always wanting to utilize a good internet connection so that I can get my work done,” said Moreno.

He’s been exploring what the service has to offer since a crew came into his unit at Post South Lamar to install the lines about three weeks ago.

On that same day, Joseph says his water was shut off for about five hours. He got an email from the complex that said the contractor hit a water pipe.

A Google spokesperson says it caused damage to seven units.

Another renter at the complex told KXAN the busted pipe was on the third floor, and water came rushing down to the first and second floors.

“It seemed pretty extensive in terms of the damage,” said Moreno, who walks past the problem spot when he takes his dogs outside. “On the first floor and the second floor I’ve noticed that they’ve taken out the walls and it’s down to the studs.”

Two renters have been relocated to another complex for the time-being, and Google says the contractor responsible for the damage is covering their expenses.

A Blackmon Mooring truck was also leaving the complex Tuesday afternoon. The company is typically called in to clean up and restore property after flooding has occurred.

Joseph says he is not turned off to Google Fiber, but hopes their contractors work smarter in the future.

“You should be aware there are pipes in the walls where you shouldn’t be drilling,” said Moreno.

Google says they regret any inconvenience to residents and will be holding an event next week to thank them for their patience and provide an update on the progress of the Google Fiber installation.

The number of complaints the city has received against Google Fiber spiked to 270 this year, from 160 last year.