MARBLE FALLS, Texas (KXAN) — Three GoFundMes were set up for businesses affected by a fire in Marble Falls on Wednesday, according to a GoFundMe spokesperson.

At approximately 6 p.m., the Marble Falls Police Department said officials responded to the fire, located on U.S. 281 and 1st Street, according to the agency’s social media.

The GoFundMe spokesperson said the fire occurred at a strip mall in Marble Falls.

Although it was not immediately clear if the fire was out Thursday, there were no further updates from officials.

Businesses impacted by fire

The Family Taekwondo Center and Marble Falls Best After School Program and Summer Camp, located near downtown Marble Falls and ran by Kelly Lee, is raising a total of $10,000 after Lee said the building burned down, according to the business’s GoFundMe page.

Lee said the funds were to cover payroll for her staff for the work they did this week, as well as living expenses now that her source of income is gone.

At the time this article was published, a total or $9,648 funds were raised, according to the website.

A second GoFundMe was set up for Noemi Moran, an esthetician who had lash business she started since 2020, according to the website.

The organizer, Ellie Fonseca, said Moran lost everything she had in the fire and hopes to raise funds to help her get back on her feet.

The total amount raised was $845 with a goal of $2,500, according to the website.

Staff from Beautiful & Blessed in Marble Falls said it wanted to raise funds for any businesses affected in the strip mall, saying they hope to navigate the situation and help raise money for anyone experiencing losses, according to the GoFundMe page set up.

A total of $700 was raised with a goal of $10,000.