SAN DIEGO (KRON) – A San Diego Girl Scout is cashing in on California’s new pot laws.

The reactions are torn — some call it bad parenting while others say it’s genius marketing.

Cellphone video shows the 9-year-old selling Girl Scout cookies out of a wagon outside a marijuana dispensary — in a video obtained by CNN.

The girl’s father says she sold 312 boxes in two 3-hour trips on Wednesday and Friday.

An Instagram post from the dispensary Urban Leaf even advertised the girl will be outside.

“We all looked at that and our first inclination was it must be a booth sale because it said until 4 p.m.,” Alison Bushan of Girl Scouts San Diego said.

Bushan says they saw the social media post back at headquarters and had to consult the rulebook, the Family Bookie Guide.

The Girl Scouts allow booth sales generally in front of any business, even dispensaries. Once they’re approved, Bushan says this would have been a major “no-no” if the girl had a table on the door.

However, the wagon off-site changes everything.

“So that’s what they were doing and they had their car and they were walking around their community there and that is right and well within the rules,” Bushan said.

As for hundreds of boxes sold in a few hours the competition has just begun.

“From a sales standpoint, she has done all right. But I know that some of my friends have sold 600 boxes just on Sunday walking their neighborhood. So there are many ways that girls are being great entrepreneurs,” Bushan said.

Girl Scouts across the U.S. began selling cookies last month and will continue to do so online and in neighborhoods until April.CNN contributed to this article.