AUSTIN (KXAN) — Concordia University is looking for experienced gamers. The school announced Wednesday it is adding the first esports varsity program set to start in fall 2019.

The Austin campus will be sponsoring teams in Overwatch (a first-person shooting game with supporting players) and League of Legends (a multi-player online battle arena with five players) joining a network of more than 100 colleges and universities that offer esports.

School administrators are going all in with esport support building new facilities for the team while offering merit-based and esports scholarships to prospective students.

“The participants on our esports teams will meet the same standards and eligibility requirements as all of our athletes involved in our 15 NCAA intercollegiate sports,” Concordia Athletic Director Ronda Seagraves said.

“Concordia has identified an area in which today’s students are seeking a competitive outlet and one which has exploded among universities nationwide. The excitement around this addition has been amazing and I look forward to watching it continue to grow.”