ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — A six-year-old boy is still in the hospital after being beaten with a baseball bat by his own neighbor, according to law enforcement.

Jeremy Diaz has been recovering for nearly three weeks now. His family said he’s suffered multiple fractures to his skull from the attack.

The attack happened last month on Sept. 11 in Jeremy’s home.

Jeremy Diaz
Jeremy Diaz’s father said his son is getting better with each day. He still remains in the hospital weeks after the attack. (Photo: Arturo Diaz)

The family’s 39-year-old neighbor Daniel Logan was arrested by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office after he was accused of breaking into their home and assaulting Jeremy with a baseball bat.

Logan was charged with two first degree felonies, including injury to a child. The sheriff’s office said this was a random act.

A community coming together

Sunday, Jeremy’s Ju Jitsu teammates, coaches, family, friends and even some strangers raised money for the family’s medical expenses.

“I’m really happy because we’re getting money for him and we really want him to get better,” Jeremy’s teammate, Zoey Flanery said. “We all miss him.”

People purchased plates of BBQ chicken lunches and bracelets to help.

  • Jeremy Diaz fundraiser
  • Jeremy Diaz fundraiser
  • Jeremy Diaz fundraiser
  • Jeremy Diaz fundraiser
  • Jeremy Strong t-shirt

Among those in the crowd was Jeremy’s father, Arturo Diaz.

“We had gone through a phase where the expectation was that he was not going to make it,” he said.

With tears in his eyes, Arturo said his son is getting better with each day.

“Now it’s turned to life and to rehabilitation. We know that we’ve already crossed the barrier,” he said. “We are on the side of life now. We’re just going to continue to move forward. I will sleep in that hospital as long as it takes.”

Along with those closest to Jeremy, there were some people that came who didn’t even know him or his family.

“It’s very unimaginable for the family to have to go through this. So we just want them to know that they’re not alone,” said supporter Rose Ward.

They said it was important to show up and let the family know they’re praying for them.

“We are sending all of our love and peace and healing to the family,” said supporter Nicole Madrid.

It’s all left Arturo eternally grateful. While Jeremy couldn’t be there to see it himself, Arturo said that day will come.

“I just wait patiently in faith that he will make a full recovery,” he said. “Then he will stand and thank all of you all himself.”

Along with Sunday’s fundraiser, there is a GoFundMe for the family.

Donors can also go to the Central Texas Community Foundation and Share the Will site and donate to Jeremy Diaz’s cause.