AUSTIN (KXAN) — Representatives with Fun Fun Fun Fest have told city officials the festival might not be feasible this year due to space issues at Auditorium Shores. On Tuesday, the Austin City Council looked at site plans and will try to figure out how to accommodate the festival in November.

The dilemma revolves around the amount of space festival planners will have at Auditorium Shores, where the event has taken place since 2011.

Auditorium Shores, recently renamed Vic Mathias Shores, has seen some changes: new grass, an irrigation system and parking. The new plans divided the popular park into three sections: the main event lawn, the middle lawn and a designated off-leash dog area, which is currently under construction.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) says the new off-leash area is supposed to remain out of the mix when it comes to concerts and events, reserved solely for the public to use as a dog area.

Planners with Fun Fun Fun Fest expressed to the city they want to use that space for their event.

Matthew Sykora, who uses the park frequently with his dogs, think the request is pushing the limits.

“I’m not going to lie, that would upset me,” said Sykora. “They bring in these events that were supposed to happen in this protected, dog-free zone, and they’re also going to take over the dog park?”

The festival organizer, Transmission Events, is actively working with PARD to try and work it all out.

“Our discussions with Parks and other city departments continue today and tomorrow about the best way for us to activate the park, and we are confident a positive outcome for all will be achieved by Thursday,” said a spokesperson for the company.

If PARD and festival planners don’t reach a resolution by Wednesday, the Austin City Council will take up the issue at its regular meeting on Thursday.

Fun Fun Fun Fest is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Austin this fall. It is scheduled for November 6-8.