ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Tattoo parlors are getting ready for a steady flow of people this Friday the 13th.

In ink culture, the superstition has turned into tradition.

“I’m probably going to get another one along with my sister,” said Ashly Smith of Round Rock, who’s already gotten two Friday the 13th tattoos.

D.C. Tatts owner Cindy Couch says large crowds are a guarantee at her shop in Round Rock, and others, on this auspicious day.

“It’s a crazy day for the artists,” she said. “They work their fingers to the bone.”

But Couch says it’s not a day where shops make a lot of money.

“As a shop, each artists will probably do 20 to 25 tattoos that day. That’s a lot of tattoos,” she said.

Those tattoos can cost as little as $13, much cheaper than a regular tattoo. Many piercing shops also have $13 specials.

Couch says the day means a lot to so many, but as a business owner Friday the 13th is all about exposure.

“They’ll meet an artist that they connect with and they’ll be back,” said Couch.

Tattoo artist Manny Servantez says he’s ready for all the people. He says lines usually form around the shop on this day.

“[From] open [until] close, it’s probably going to be pretty real chaos around here,” Servantez said. “It’s always fun, always enjoyable.”