AUSTIN (KXAN) — As cases across the state continue to rise, Curative is offering no-cost COVID-19 testing starting Monday through December at the Palmer Events Center.

It’s a DIY oral swab test that requires those getting tested to swab the inside of their mouths of 20 seconds. A Curative representative explained each test is a PCR test that goes through an 11-hour process at one of its labs.

“Our tests are run through a lab facility so it is not a rapid test with a 50% to 60% accuracy, this is 90%,” Stephanie Whittle, the company’s director of growth for the state.

For those getting tested in Central Texas, the lab happens to be in Williamson County. The company just opened the lab in September.

“We are currently testing 25,000 people per day throughout the state of Texas,” Whittle said.

People who are looking to get tested are asked to sign up for an appointment online and fill out a questionnaire.

“It’ll ask you something as specific as, ‘Have you been outside? Have you been to church? Have you gone to the grocery store?’ If you’ve gone to any of those places then you could be in contact and therefore it’s covered,” Whittle said.

Curative compensation comes from the CARES Act making the test is free for the public. Insurance is not required but those who do have insurance will be asked to provide it. The insurance will be billed but company representatives said the person getting tested will not get billed because it is covered by the federal government under the CARES Act.

“Honestly, we’re all out here to end the pandemic but the only way to do that is to safely know who has been contracted and who isn’t,” Whittle said.