AUSTIN (KXAN/KTSM) — An Austin filmmaker had a heartwarming update late Sunday night in his quest to find a family whose old VHS tape shows a baby’s first steps in 1994.

“Oh my God TyRe just called me!! We freaking found him ya’ll!!!!”

Jim McKay posted on Facebook just after 11 p.m. Sunday that he found TyRe, the baby in that video. It ended a weekend social media manhunt that saw the 25-year-old video go viral online.

McKay said TyRe contacted him after his mother saw the story on the news.

McKay didn’t say where TyRe and his family currently live but he said he is “absolutely sure” it’s them and that he would return the VHS tape to the family very soon.

The story began when McKay purchased an old VCR at a Cedar Park Goodwill store months ago.

“It sat around in my house for a couple of months before I even turned it on,” he said.

Baby Tyree

When he did turn it on, not only did the VCR work, but there was a tape of a very special memory inside. It appears to be of a baby named TyRe who is taking his first steps while his family watches.

“Hopefully we can get this video out there and help find this family,” McKay said at the time. “I know for a fact that they would love to see this again.”

The tape is titled “TyRe learns to walk” and is dated Sept. 27, 1994. Baby TyRe would be all grown up now, approximately 26 years old.

“I couldn’t believe this tape, it was pure magic. It was this beautiful family capturing one of the biggest moments in their child’s life,” McKay said. “It was magical, it tore me up. I’m a dad, too. I get it, I saw that smile on Dad’s face and his reaction was very real.” 

“As a dad I can appreciate how meaningful that was to the family and the dad and to see that again after all these years would be powerful.”