FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (KXAN) — As businesses once again face uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many are looking for ways to evolve. One Fredericksburg man’s idea brings the bounty of the tourist destination to people at home.

Dave Jobe’s family has been in the peach industry for more than 70 years and they’ve been in the city since it was founded. He saw a need, not only for himself but for other local businesses.

“I want to sell you pecans,” said Olan Tisdale, owner of Fredericksburg Pecan Company. “I want to sell your children pecans and your grandkids pecans.”

In a town that relies on tourism, COVID-19 has been anything but kind as it slows the heartbeat of this usually-thriving destination and forces local businesses to change how they operate.

“Normally speaking, when you come in here, we have samples of our pecans,” Tisdale said.

With new restrictions and COVID-19 cases on the rise, businesses like Hummingbird Farms are worried that things will shut down again.

“A lot of the inns, the boutique hotels, the Airbnbs, the places that carry our products were shutting down,” said Debi Williams, owner of Hummingbird Farms. “We had purchase orders being canceled.”

Jobe had an idea to help. It’s called Fredericksburg’s Finest.

“The entire mission is to work with small business here in Fredericksburg, then take their iconic products and put them in boxes,” he said.

Its a one-stop shop that lets people hop online, order a box filled with various treats and support local business.

“Getting this out to other people will definitely help,” Tisdale said.

Jobe is also working with Texas Exes to raise money for the UT Student Emergency Fund to pay student expenses during COVID-19.