AUSTIN (KXAN) — Think of it like MTV’s “Real World: Austin” take 2.

Netflix just dropped the trailer for it’s new reality series “Roaring Twenties” based in Austin.

In this series, eight twenty-something strangers become roommates. The group sets out to find success, friends and love, while learning to navigate the ‘new normal’ of America today.

The group of young adults come from all walks of life, according to E! News. Netflix provided the network with some details on the cast with official bios.

Abbey is a 25-year-old Houston native, who is newly divorced and unemployed. The capital city might just be the place for self-discovery.

Raquel, 25, is coming to Austin from Eatonville, Florida. In the trailer, she hopes this experience helps her grow some wings. The IT tech will have no issue there with Austin’s booming tech scene.

Bruce is a 23-year-old looking for love. He’s currently working in sales for his dad’s insurance company but hopes Austin will be the place he settles down.

Natalie is unemployed and never had a boyfriend. The 26-year-old comes from a strict household, so it’s safe to say she’s ready for some fun on Rainey Street… that’s if she can catch her flight. In the trailer Natalie was going the wrong way in the airport.

Kamari, 23, is a model from North Carolina and hoping to find a Texas girl to settle down with.

Keauno is the oldest of the bunch. The 28-year-old packed up his stuff in Arkansas and hit the road. He didn’t forget a single piece of clothing. He’s hoping to find his place in Austin’s welcoming LGBTQ+ community.

Isha, 24, is a California transplant and aspiring fashion designer. There’s no doubt she’ll be peeking inside all of Austin’s boutiques hoping to score her next Instagram worthy outfit.

Michael knows his way around Austin. He recently moved from California hoping to pursue his dreams of becoming a comedian. The 23-year-old tells E! he wants a girlfriend and is attracted to “weirdos, which makes Austin the perfect place to pursue his goals.”

The show was filmed this fall. The Pennybacker Bridge makes an appearance in the trailer. “Roaring Twenties” premieres December 10.