PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — Tree limbs and branches still line many streets across Central Texas as crews work hard to remove them, but leaving these piles too long could pose a danger.

“We got a lot of trees that fell down,” said Rene Rodrigez who was dropping off a trailer full of branches in Pflugerville. “I still have a lot more!”

Tim Wallace, a Travis County fire inspector in ESD 2 said his crews are on high alert with all the leftover debris.

“Just truck, after truck, after truck,” said Wallace as he watched people lining up to drop off limbs across the street from the fire station.

“With all the debris laying around that can absolutely facilitate a fire into a structure,” said Wallace.

Anything from a cigarette, to a spark from a hanging chain on a car, can lead to a wood pile catching fire.

“We don’t want you to burn this stuff, but if you feel that you can, you absolutely need to contact your local fire authority your local department,” said Wallace.

Permits are needed for open burns in Travis County, but Wallace said the best option is to drop off tree branches at a designated drop off area.

Travis County ESD 2 did respond to a recent fire due to the branches piling up.

“It was a gentleman who was illegibly burning,” said Wallace. “We were able to get his extinguished.”

While it can take time for city and country crews to get to all the piles around town, there are private companies that can help.

“If you guys don’t want to wait you can always call ‘Hold it Down Brown,'” said Earl Brown, who runs Hold it Down Brown- which is hauling company.

Brown says he has been working non stop since the freeze and still has people calling for pick ups.

“We have done about loads loads a day,” Brown said.

Wallace said if you do have a large pile, you can spray water on it to make sure it stays damp. Also, if you have any questions you should call your local fire department for any questions.

“If you can dispose of this stuff yourself, properly load it in a truck, put it in a trailer then haul it off to one of these locations,” said Wallace.