ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Through the stories of families that have lost loved ones to fentanyl and law enforcement officers trying to respond to the crisis, the documentary “Fentanyl Unlimited” aims to give a vulnerable but unflinching look at the current epidemic and the work still needed to stop it.

Stefanie Turner of Leander is a mother turned activist.

Since the death of her son Tucker, 19, from a fentanyl poisoning in 2021, Turner has mobilized Texas Against Fentanyl.

Turner, along with the group’s network of Angel Moms, have visited schools to share their stories of loss and educate students and parents about the deadly drug.

The group is also working now to make curriculum that will be taught throughout the Lone Star State.

Turner is heavily featured in the documentary, with a scene centered around her son’s own accidental overdose.

Turner said just months before her son’s fatal poisoning, he came into contact with the drug at least one other time.

She said after her son took a pill he didn’t know contained fentanyl, Turner discovered him during the accidental overdose at her home.

After 911 was called, Turner began filming the scene. This footage is now a major part of the documentary.

Turner said it was a difficult decision to show such a vulnerable moment for her son.

“I’m doing that to save others. And I want this to get people’s attention. This is what fentanyl looks like. It looks like walking in and finding your kid dead,” Turner said.

Director Charlie Minn said his interest in this subject was piqued by the sheer volume of deaths caused by the drug.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the drug is believed to have been linked to more than 70,000 overdose deaths in 2021.

Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, has been linked to numerous deaths in Central Texas as well. The drug just this past week is suspected to have caused the death of a Hays CISD student.

“It’s only getting worse. Fentanyl is getting worse. And quite frankly, nothing’s being done about it,” Minn said.

“Fentanyl Unlimited” will premiere at Flix Brewhouse in Round Rock on Oct. 17, followed by more showings on Oct. 19, Oct. 22, Oct. 23 and Oct. 24. The film will also show in several other Texas cities and states in the coming weeks.

For more information on tickets and showings, visit the film’s website here.