AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin and Travis County leaders said they would focus on practical ways to reduce gun violence in Central Texas following a summit on Gun Violence this week.

The Travis County District Attorney José Garza, Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon, Mayor Pro-Tem Alison Alter and other leaders outlined their goals and plans alongside survivors of gun violence.

They noted that one of their goals is keeping firearms out of the hands of young people and people who may pose a threat to public safety. In addition to funding and coordinating more resources and community outreach, these leaders said enforcing current firearms laws was key.

A few months ago, APD police surged personnel downtown during South by Southwest to try and prevent gun violence. At the time, KXAN found arrest affidavits for more than 40 people accused of carrying guns illegally during that one week.

In total, APD announced it seized 61 guns and made 130 arrests during the festival as part of a violent crimes initiative aimed at preventing gun crime and human trafficking.

KXAN investigators took a closer look at some of these cases and found at least seven suspects under the age of 21 and therefore not legally allowed to be carrying a handgun at all.

In at least 17 of the arrest affidavits, the person was also seen in possession of illegal drugs. APD detailed pounds and pounds of narcotics seized as a part of the initiative.

The vast majority of these, more than 40, cases are still pending in the courts.

At least 10 of the suspects in these cases had felony convictions within the last five years, which bars them from being legally able to carry a firearm and elevates the charge.

In one of those cases, while the case was still ongoing, the person was arrested again in May for a separate incident, according to online court records. They are now charged with aggravated robbery and another unlawful carrying of a weapon charge.

Chief Chacon highlighted the efforts of the Office of Violence Prevention in engaging with young people and the community. He also emphasized the importance of enforcement and noted that was a topic of discussion between him and the District Attorney.

D.A. Garza said his office had a 90% prosecution rate for crimes related to gun violence but that they would continue focusing on these kinds of cases.

“It is clear that firearms are far too accessible to people who pose a threat to our community.”

D.A. José Garza 

He told KXAN after the summit his office considers a person’s criminal history, along with the particular details of the case and the impact on any victims, when considering prosecution.

More than 10 of the arrests were for felony charges, which would be prosecuted by Garza’s office. The others were classified as misdemeanor charges, landing on the desk of County Attorney Delia Garza.

Court records show the Travis County Attorney’s office had declined to prosecute three of these cases. However, we found the people involved in those three cases had other pending criminal charges or warrants for their arrest for other incidents.

KXAN’s Dalton Huey contributed to this report. 

Note: At the time of broadcast, KXAN had only discovered four of the suspects were under the age of 21. Now, court records show at least seven of them were under 21.