AUSTIN (KXAN)— Domestic violence victims may now have more protection, thanks to a new law.

It’s called the Natalia Cox Act. It was named after a Huston-Tillotson college student who was killed by someone she barely knew.

It became a law in May 2023. It requires police and doctors to give family or dating violence victims a list of resources and legal options like filing criminal charges or getting an emergency protective order.

Natalia’s laugh and smile haven’t brightened up the world in two years now.

“She was the light the spark plug of family,” Natalia’s father, Lester Cox said.

Cox’s family wishes they had more time with her, but they feel a lack domestic violence resources, led to them losing her.

“She met a young man…within just a couple of days of meeting him, she saw some red flags, and attempted to kind of pull away from him coming over to the house,” Natalia’s mother, LaKeisha Cox said. “He came over to her apartment threatened her…a week after that, he came over and broke into her apartment and killed her.”

Cox’s family said she was very independent and intelligent, but that maneuvering through a domestic violence situation is challenging.

“We don’t think she had the full spectrum of of all of her rights,” Natalia’s father said.

They can’t bring their daughter back, but at least now the cox family feels as if Natalia didn’t die in vain.

“Our only regret is that this wasn’t in place beforehand,” Lester said.

Katherine Saldana, a legal advocate for SAFE Alliance Austin testified on the bill.

“Once they’re armed with information, they know the best way to act for themselves, and like what the next steps next best step should be,” Saldana said.

According to law makers, prior to this law, notices didn’t have all the relevant information to help victims, and there was a lack of coordination at the state level. Still, the law doesn’t address speeding up the process for protective orders, which Natalia went through. Her family’s attorney said the order was never signed.

“There are some parts that are lacking, but we do still try to assist them and make sure that they are safe,” Saldana said.

Natalia’s family just hopes this is a good first step toward saving lives.

“Being Natalia’s voice,” her mother said.

Natalia’s accused killer is still waiting for trial.

The Travis County District Attorney’s office has vowed to work with organizations like SAFE Alliance, to continue to try to provide resources and help for victims.