AUSTIN (KXAN) — The family of Jason John, 30, held a vigil Saturday night, nearly one week since he was last seen on Rainey Street walking toward Lady Bird Lake Trail.

John is described as being 5’10” tall and weighing 190 pounds and was last seen Sunday, Feb. 5 around 2 a.m. on Rainey Street, a popular nightlife district.

John was last reported to have been wearing a black and white jacket, black pants and shiny Michael Jordan sneakers with white soles.

A flyer for the vigil stated John “is presumed to have drowned in Lady Bird Lake.”

Tuesday, the Austin Police Department confirmed it is investigating his disappearance.

Surrounded by dozens of family and friends, John’s mother, father and brothers sang hymns and shared special memories of John.

His brother Rinju John, said the vigil is an effort to spur anyone with information about John’s disappearance to come forward.

The family flew in from New York this week, taking to the city streets themselves to track down any information on what happened to John.

“The worst situation that any family could be in is losing a family member, not being able to find them, not having any idea where they are. It’s like, my brother has just gone off the face of the earth,” Rinju said.

John’s mother Elsie said getting closure on her missing son is crucial but so is protecting other families from similar heartache.

She thanked Austin Police for looking into her son’s disappearance but said more resources and law enforcement officers would find him more quickly.

Since their search began, Elsie said she’s come to learn many businesses along the walking trail John was on that night do not have security cameras.

She urges those business owners and city leaders to put up surveillance. This way if people go missing along that route in the future, their movements could be tracked.

“There is a lot of business on the opposite side of the lake. Every business needs to have the cameras in the back. I don’t want this to happen to any other family,” Elsie said.

Anyone with information about John’s disappearance is asked to call (914) 473-7729, (908) 397-2878 or (646) 239-9015.