KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — Two young sisters injured in a car crash which killed their baby brother, parents and family friend are out of the hospital and now with family members.

Police say Wilson Molinares, 22, of San Marcos was going the wrong way on Interstate 35 early Friday morning when he ran head-on into a minivan being driven by 31-year-old Heinrich Martens. Martens was driving his best friend, 30-year-old Gerhard Hiebert and his family from Durango, Mexico back to Ontario, Canada.

“I just said, ‘It’s not true, it’s not true,’ I just couldn’t believe it,” said Justina Martens, when she found out her husband and three others in the minivan all died in the crash. “He was a very nice dad, never mad, he was very nice to us.” Heinrich and his wife have five children.

Hiebert’s wife, 27-year-old Margaretha Hiebert and their 16-month-old son Jacob Hiebert also died in the crash. The day of the crash, Hiebert’s brother flew in from Seminole, Texas to take custody of the family’s two girls-Helena Hiebert, 6, and Maria Hiebert, 3-who survived the crash.

“We told them that their parents were no longer alive and they had died and it felt like, it sounded like, they already knew,” said Abram Hiebert, Gerhard’s brother when they first told the sisters.

Abram says they come from a big family and it will be a family decision as to who the girls end up living with.

“God kept them here, he saved them out of that wreck, God has a plan for them and my concern is to plant the seed of Jesus in their hearts because God kept them here.”

Martens said her husband was not only helping the Hiebert’s make the drive to Canada, he was also going to pick up a vehicle and bring it back home to Durango, Mexico.

The city of Kyle says the Crash Team Report, based on the accident reconstruction they did Sunday morning, won’t be ready this week.

Investigators are still waiting on a toxicology report as well for Molinares, who police said was going the wrong way.

A TxDOT study showed more than half of the drivers who caused a wrong-way crash over a period of 18-months in 2014 and 2015, were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.