DALLAS, Texas (KXAS/KXAN) — A famous falcon from Canada continues to recover in North Texas after being rescued during a hail storm last week.

Beatrix, a rare peregrine falcon from Manitoba, Canada is currently at the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center but she won’t be there for long. Veterinarians say she has a clean bill of health after an eye appointment and her eyesight is back to normal.

“She really, really wants to leave, she really wants to be in Canada,” says Amanda Thomas with the rehabilitation center. “She knows that’s where she should be, and she’s not there.”  When Beatrix was found, she had a band on her leg identifying her as part of the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project in Canada.

Within days, the falcon will be moved to a large outdoor cage at center, where she will be able to spread her wings and build up her strength for the 1,300 mile trip back home.

“It’s like someone who hasn’t been running for a while just suddenly decides to go out and run 20 miles. It would be kind of difficult,” says Thomas.

With luck, she’ll arrive home before the end of Canada’s nesting season in April.