ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) – According to Elgin ISD, metal detectors have been ordered for usage at all of its campuses.

In a statement sent to KXAN, the district said the metal detectors are handheld and no installation is necessary.

It hasn’t gotten back to us about if they are using the detectors on a case by case basis or on all students as they come into the school.

In an email to parents and staff, the district said they “will be available for administrative usage in the interest of safety.”

It didn’t have an exact date when it’ll start using the metal detectors, but tells KXAN they first must train staff.

Security concerns

This comes about a week after a fight broke out last Monday at the high school.

Parents of Elgin High School students said they saw a video of a fight at school and heard a knife was used.

Elgin ISD and Elgin Police said there was no weapon. In a letter, the district also explained that reports of a gun at school last Monday and Tuesday were not true.

The district is also hosting a Safety Symposium and Community Forum on May 10. The district’s website said it will be a panel presentation with a question and answer session at the Elgin High School cafeteria.

‘I’m all for it’

Elgin ISD parent Levi Bannigan said he supports having metal detectors on campuses.

“I’m all for it. I was hoping it would happen,” Bannigan said.

While he likes the idea, he understands why some are apprehensive.

“They’re concerned about the kind of culture that gets set in the school,” Bannigan said. “You know, about having that elevated security.”

He’s hopeful it will help but said he’d also like to see other initiatives along with it.

“A lot of other parents have also advocated for more volunteerism,” Bannigan said. “Mental health resources, physical security resources, I really think that there’s a lot that we can improve on.”