AUSTIN (KXAN) — They may look cute and furry, but a bite or a scratch from a raccoon could put you in danger.

The University of Texas at Austin Office of Campus Safety warned students on Wednesday to beware of raccoons.

The office says three students were bitten and had to get rabies shots as a precaution.

It says the raccoon may be threatened, especially if it has babies. The office also says the raccoons may be getting bolder, because people are feeding them.

“Please do not attempt to feed raccoons or any wildlife on campus,” the office further stated.

The Safety Office says to be alert near the area, and immediately seek medical attention if you are scratched or bitten by a raccoon or any wildlife.

You can report any related incidents to UT’s Incident Notification page.

Students can call University Health Services at (512) 471-4955. Staff can call HealthPoint Occupational Health at (512) 471-4647. To speak to a nurse 24-7, UT staff and students can call (512) 475-6877.

Anything severe or life-threatening needs to reported to 911.

Animal Make Safe at (512) 471-2671 is handling wildlife concerns.