AUSTIN (KXAN) — The number of students enrolled at the University of Texas has hit a new all-time high, according to preliminary data.

The university reports enrollment figures using data collected on the 12th class day of each term.

For the fall 2022 semester, a total of 52,384 students were enrolled at UT, beating the previous record of 52,261 that was set 20 years ago.

Helping to bolster the numbers is the largest-ever number of first-time, first-year undergraduates: 9,109 in total, which beats the previous record of 9,060 set last year.

Meanwhile, the university has also set new records for graduation rates. The four-year graduation rate climbed to 73.5% this year, up by 21 percentage points since 2012. The six-year graduation rate is 87.8%, up by nine percentage points.

“Year after year, increasingly more of the most outstanding students from across Texas and beyond want to enroll at our world-class university,” UT President Jay Hartzell said in a statement Thursday. “Improved graduation rates reduce students’ expenses and allow them to generate income sooner, while also expanding opportunities for incoming students who seek the rigorous education and vibrant college experience that UT offers.”

The number of history-underrepresented students has also increased to a new high. About a third of UT’s undergraduate students, and 30% of the university as a whole, identify as Black, Hispanic, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.

The university said it would educate 13,872 history-underrepresented students in 2022, which it says is one of the largest totals for any state flagship university.

Hispanic students make up 27.9% of undergraduate students, up 0.8% from last year. Data shows Hispanic students made up a plurality — 29.5% — of first-year undergraduates this semester. Black students make up 5.3% of the student population as a whole and 6.1% of first-year undergraduates.

International student enrollment increased to 5,117, or 9.8% of all students, up from 9.1% last year.

Texas State University also reported a new record for freshman enrollment this semester, with more than 7,590 first-year students.