Texas (KXAN) — On September 12th the Texas School Safety Center started conducting intruder safety audits around the state.

“Locked doors is a basic practice, but it is a good and effective practice,” said Kathy Martinez-Prather, executive director of the Texas School Safety Center.

Each intruder safety audit takes an in-depth look at campus safety, with inspectors checking exterior entry points and also checking to see how a school checks in visitors. 

“We are doing a full perimeter assessment of all exterior doors to make sure they lock as intended,” said Martinez-Prather.

The goal is to reach 100% of the school districts across the state and 75% of the campuses this school year.

So far, there have been about 1,000 campuses that have received an intruder safety audit.

Leander ISD recently received their findings from inspections. A district spokesperson told KXAN there have been seven campuses inspected.

Out of the seven schools inspected, there was one school, which was not identified, that had findings. Findings are any issues that might come up, such as a broken lock or door that is left unlocked.

In Leander ISD’s case, the finding was a malfunction on an exterior door. The district said the latch was replaced immediately.

“This is not a failure of a campus, this does not mean they aren’t safe, it just means there is opportunity for improvement,” said Martinez-Prather.

Schools that have issues come up must fix the problems they find within 45 days.

“The state’s intruder detection audits are just one way to ensure the safety of our campuses. We know training along with a mindset of safety and security come from a culture of keeping students at the heart of what we do day in, day out.”-Leander ISD spokesperson

Martinez-Prather said most schools have no findings after an intruder safety audit.