AUSTIN (KXAN) — The search to fill teaching positions continues for many school districts across the state of Texas.

A quick search on the Austin Independent School District’s website will show about 200 teaching positions that need to be filled. Hays CISD said it has 19 open positions they needed to fill.

For months KXAN has been reporting on the issues.

“I was teaching high school at McCallum High School, and now, I work at UT,” said one teacher KXAN spoke to over the summer.

Some of the factors that are pushing teachers out include low pay as the cost of living continues to rise.

“The cost of living here as a teacher is really difficult,” said another teacher KXAN spoke to.

Many districts are still on the search to fill vacant teaching positions as we get into the second half of the school year.

“We need to do more to be able to help new folks to get into the profession, and we need to do more for folks who are in the profession to incentivize them to stay,” said Monty Exter with the Association of Texas Professional Educators. “And we really need to come together too at this point more than ever to help to convince our state legislature what is right.”

Exter says the pipeline for teachers is broken and needs to be fixed before we lose even more teachers.

“It is not an issue of whether or not we can afford to do something,” said Exter. “It is more of do we have the will to do something.”

According to the 2022 Texas Teachers poll by the Charles Butt Foundation 77 percent of teachers in Texas seriously considered leaving the profession last year.

KXAN reached out to districts across Central Texas for numbers and is still waiting to hear back about teacher openings from several districts.