TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Lake Travis ISD is growing. Superintendent Paul Norton wants voters to approve a bond in November to build more schools.

“Part of that will be adding two elementary schools and also adding a second high school,” Norton said and added the need for more schools has been a conversation for many years in Lake Travis.

Norton said the goal is to keep up with growth but also keep students safe and secure in school.

This school year, the district is adding a new safety protocol.

“We have a requirement this year that twice a week, at least, every door will be checked to make sure everything is working properly, and there are no issues or concerns,” he said.

The change was made after the Uvalde school shooting in May.

Should voters approve, building more schools would also come with security changes in the design of those schools.

“It’s something that we always looked at and even now more so. You look at how students get in and out and how can you safely design a school, so it doesn’t impact learning but also ensures that our kids and staff are safe every day,” said Norton.

“It’s something we work with architects on and making sure from traffic flow to flow inside the campus to what are the safe points, what … we can do to keep our campuses as safe as possible.”